Sunday, October 19, 2014

4 Months Old!

Age: 4 Months
Weights: Fat
Length: 27 inches

I learned how to:  Laugh, reach and grab things better, pet Harper, roll from my stomach onto my back.

I like:  Eating, Sophie the Giraffe, talking gibberish, tummy time, chewing on things, going to church, biting people, showing off my teeth, slamming my legs down on the mattress while I sleep, baths, looking at myself in the mirror, pinching Mom, looking at leaves.

I dislike:  Having a cold, when Mommy and Daddy don’t look at me, when I see myself in the mirror when I’m crying.

This month I:  Got my first cold, got baptized, went on walks with Mom and Dad, bit Harper, skyped Dede and Pops, cheered for Auburn, took more consistent naps, met new friends, got my first pumpkin, smiled a lot!