Monday, May 18, 2015

11 Months

11 Months
Weight: 19.14lbs
Length: Too long for all my clothes
I like:  Mandarin oranges, sleeping, snuggling with mom and dad in the morning, giving kisses, bath time, my stuffed boy, balls, my walker, putting things inside other things, playing with mom's hair, dancing, when people tap on pots in the kitchen, animals of every kind, and yogurt!
I dislike:  Pooping, being hungry, falling (happens a lot now), being by myself, when people wont tap on Mom Mom's pots.
This month I:  Said the word "ball", learned to give kisses, stood up on my own, almost learned to walk, drank from a sippy cup, visited mom and dad at work, and took a big boy bath!

"Boy" is the current favorite.  It was Daddy's when he was a kid.