Thursday, May 3, 2012

We Have 3 Babies

The past 2 mornings, I have been rudely awakened by a shrill, squeaky, ear-splitting bird cry outside our window.  When I heard the sound this afternoon, I went to the bush on the side of our house to see what on earth this bird wanted.  I was expecting to see an adult bird fly away once I got there.  Instead, a tiny baby bird poked its head up and opened its mouth wide!

   Because I love animals, and am a little crazy when it comes to baby animals, I ran inside, alerted the media, gchatted Leck and told him "WE HAVE BABY BIRDS!".  I also grabbed my camera and took some pictures.  While I did so, the momma bird came back and screamed at me and dive bombed my head.  She also followed me as I walked back into the house and yelled.

The mother bird came up and got real mad.  So, I pretended to look at some flowers to fool her.  It didn't work...

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