Monday, May 28, 2012

In the Backyard

Frying Pan Park

This weekend, Leck and I went to Frying Pan Park.  I guess it's technically for kids but I really wanted to go.  I was told tales of adorable baby cows and horses that would gallop around with us and eat things out of our hands.  Turns out it was 1,000 degrees and all the animals were hiding.  But, we wore the dog out which is always a good thing.  Plus, we got to hang out with Lindsey and Pete and their cute puppy Gracie.  Lindsey is my photography role model and has an awesome photog business.  Check her out: Practically Perfect Photography

 I think at this point, Harper got a little jealous...

 Turkeys are gross.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Congratulations Beth!

One of my oldest and dearest friends Beth eloped about a month ago.  Well, it was a planned elopement.  So, I guess I will call it a "faux-lopement."   Good one huh?  Maybe I will start a slang trend.

Anyway, Beth and Joe had a relaxed wedding celebration this past weekend at a family member's farm. It had a carnival game theme (complete with pony rides and stuffed bears as prizes!).  It's not every day a horse comes into the room where you are having your wedding reception.  :)  The party fit Beth's personality to a T and I am so happy for her.  I wish I was in Belize with them right now!  For some reason they forgot to invite me...I'll have to ask about that when the honeymooners return.  Here are some photos:

 This is my friend Shruti.  I have known her since 1st grade!

 Since many of us weren't at the wedding, we did a cheesy photo reenactment session...

 Hurray for Beth and Joe!