Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Month!

 Age: 1 Month

Weight:  Unknown…fat enough to skip this month’s doctor’s appointment
Length:  Unknown

I learned how to:  Cry, poop, eat, snuggle, look around, lift my head, fall asleep on my back (sort of), smile!

I like:  Eating, sleeping during the day, staring at the picture frames behind the couch, playing on the jungle mat, snuggling, my pacifier, “bopping” mom or dad on the chest when I’m hungry, sleeping on daddy’s chest, the tucan 

I dislike:  The times when I’m not eating, sleeping at night, sleeping on my back, having no control over my limbs, my flatulence

This month I:  Was born, gained a lot of weight, met a lot of new people, loved visiting with Dede and Pops, celebrated my first national holiday, pooped/peed/farted/threw up on the nurses at the doctor’s office, was happy Mom Mom stayed with Mom and Dad to help, read with Daddy, had lots of eye goop, was very snuggly, smiled at my family.

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